Country Warns ALL Residents To Start Prepping Over Possible Emergency

Well there you have it. UK leaders are warning their citizens prepare now.

The key message is the importance of equipping ourselves with non-digital essentials, such as candles and battery-powered radios, in anticipation of potential power grid attack.

The UK government is set to launch a resilience website next year, aimed at providing comprehensive guidance on preparing for various emergencies, including natural disasters, pandemics, and threats such as cyber-attacks or terrorism. This initiative underscores the necessity of being prepared for situations where traditional, non-digital means of communication and information are vital.

Mr. Dowden, responsible for enhancing the UK’s emergency resilience, emphasizes the growing dependence on the internet and digital technologies, which could leave many at a loss during power outages or internet failures. He nostalgically recalls a time when battery-operated radios were commonplace, highlighting the contrast with today’s digital reliance.

In past decades, it was customary to store items like torches or candles for emergencies. However, with the dramatic shift towards a digital society over the last 20-30 years, Mr. Dowden notes the need for a balanced approach in emergency preparedness, incorporating both digital and analogue solutions.

Additionally, he raises awareness about the risks associated with AI technology, including its potential to exacerbate cyber threats and the development of chemical and biological weapons. His remarks, made during a visit to Porton Down, Wiltshire, home to the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, emphasize the evolving nature of threats in a technologically advanced world.

Well there you have. A country is telling their residents to wise up and prepare.


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