Be Prepared For Anything: Look What Just Happened To Two Hikers In Hawaii

It just goes to show you that even in Hawaii, you gotta be prepared for anything.

Recently, a dramatic rescue occurred on the majestic slopes of Mauna Loa in Hawaii National Park. It’s a reminder of how unpredictable Mother Nature can be, and the incredible efforts of those who come to the aid of those in need.

A man and a woman found themselves in a dire situation while exploring the breathtaking beauty of Mauna Loa. It all began when they made a distress call to 911 on a chilly Sunday morning. Their predicament was grim – they had run out of food and water, and the harsh, freezing weather was taking its toll on them. To make matters worse, their phones were running out of power.

You know, even if I go RV camping with the family, I always have a portable phone charger. 

After a distress call, a search-and-rescue ranger from the National Park Service and a skilled helicopter pilot were dispatched.

The couple was located at an astonishing altitude of around 11,000 feet. thankfully, the couple had managed to avoid any injuries during their ordeal. However, due to the extreme elevation and the relentless gusting winds, it was deemed too risky to airlift them off the mountain at that moment.

Instead of leaving them stranded, the National Park Service provided the couple with essential supplies – food, water, and a satellite communication device. Additionally, the brave rescuers gave them detailed instructions on how to make their way to the nearest shelter and hike down to safety on their own.

Several hours later, after the sun had set, the hikers reached out to the park ranger once again. They revealed that, in the challenging and inclement weather conditions, they had unknowingly strayed off the trail near an elevation of 10,300 feet. The situation was growing even more perilous.

With the dangerous weather and darkness making it impossible to rescue them that night, the NPS made the decision to rescue the couple on Monday morning. This second attempt was crucial, as it was the only viable option to ensure their safety.

Finally, on Monday morning, the couple was airlifted from their precarious position on Mauna Loa. They were brought to safety, marking the successful end to this harrowing adventure.

The couple was cited because the entire rescue could have been avoided if the couple didn’t do what they were supposed to do. According to the NPS all high-elevation backcountry permits were canceled as well as the summit of Mauna Loa because of the bad weather.

“The search-and-rescue mission could have been prevented if the hikers had followed explicit directions to check in and pick up their permit from the park’s backcountry office,” said Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Chief Ranger Jack Corrao in the release.

“The park closed the summit of Mauna Loa and canceled all high-elevation backcountry permits on Jan. 9 due to severe winter weather, and we immediately posted a closure alert on our website and social media outlets. Their actions put themselves, the pilot, and our ranger at great and unnecessary risk,” said Corrao.

Normally, I don’t Monday Morning QB, but there’s a lot going on here. First, they didn’t check the weather reports, regardless of whether the NPS closed the trail or not. You have to know your own limitations and your gears. There also seems to be a lack of preparedness by not having enough food, and they didn’t seem to know the area well.

One would imagine that a hiker would want to have their ducks in a row before hiking around the world’s largest active volcano.

Second, it is good practice to check in with someone before you embark on a journey so people know where you are. Additionally, most of the time, the NPS is awesome and gives great trail updates and information.

Third, never underestimate the weather it will get you every time.

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