The Quiet Tsunami Taking Over America & It’s A Good Thing

Joel Salatin, a renowned agriculturalist and author, has taken a hiatus from blogging to pen his latest book, “Homestead Tsunami: Good for our Country, Critters, and Kids.” The book seeks to address the increasing interest in small-scale farming and homesteading.

Salatin, recognized for his expertise in sustainable farming, is known for his previous book, “Polyface Micro,” aimed at guiding those interested in adopting a sustainable farming lifestyle on less than 25-acres. But his latest work goes beyond the ‘how-to’s, digging deeper into the ‘why’s behind the movement. He targets three distinct groups: individuals contemplating the shift to rural life, skeptics of the homesteading lifestyle, and new homesteaders who are facing the stark realities and challenges that come with it.

In an eye-opening revelation, Salatin discloses that he has been approached by four billionaires seeking advice on establishing agrarian sanctuaries, indicating the growing concern among even the world’s wealthiest about the stability of modern society. Their interest reflects a broader understanding that, in times of chaos, self-sufficiency and connection to nature could offer a more sustainable and secure lifestyle.

Salatin implores readers to focus on proactive, positive steps rather than worrying about potential societal disruptions. He encourages people to build a lifestyle that would allow them to flourish amidst chaos, emphasizing the importance of food security and self-sustainability.

“We can worry ourselves to death or we can take pro-active positive steps that enthuse us with innovative platforms for thriving,” Salatan has said.

He encourages families to have chickens, be around like-minded people, and grow their own food.

In the concluding part of his introduction, Salatin poses a stirring question about the reader’s food security, thereby prompting a self-evaluation that could potentially lead to an agricultural revolution at a grassroots level. The anticipation surrounding his latest work is palpable, and it’s clear that Salatin’s new book could be a game-changer for those considering the leap into homesteading.

Below is a recent lecture Joel Salatin gave regarding how this is sweeping through the nation.

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