How To Build Your Own Metal Detector

Build Your Own Metal Detector

build your own metal detector

Regarding emergency preparedness, it’s important to consider the possibilities you could face. Many will reach for the classic prepping items like non-perishable food, water, and a flashlight. But don’t forget about lesser-known items, like metal detectors, that can be just as important.

We’ve all seen metal detectors in action, beach combing for lost coins, seeking out buried caches and scanning newcomers for hidden weapons. But what if you’re already in a survival situation and need something to detect metal quickly? That’s where a DIY metal detector comes in.

Learn how to make your own metal detector in the following video.

By using the following basic components, you can make a functioning metal detector in no time.

  • Calculator
  • Small handheld AM or AM/FM radio
  • A CD case
  • Velcro

Open the CD case, remove the component that holds the CD, stick Velcro on the backs of the calculator and the radio, then place the Velcro on the CD case and attach the calculator and the radio to the case.

Turn both the calculator and the radio on, and set the radio to AM and the highest frequency available that doesn’t have a station playing. Then, slowly close the case until you hear a high-pitched sound from the radio over the static. The buzzing sound will increase when the contraption comes close to a piece of metal.

This simple DIY metal detector may not penetrate the ground for deep finds, but it can be useful for finding small metal objects in the ground or grass above. Who knows? It may come in handy in a pinch, so why not give it a try?

Regarding emergency preparedness, it’s important to consider more than just food and water. Having a metal detector in a SHTF scenario could be incredibly beneficial; luckily, you can make one with a few simple components.

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