Meet The ‘Doomstead’ & It’s For Sale

In the picturesque landscapes of Piscataquis County, nestled near the town of Sangerville, lies a unique property affectionately known as the “Doomstead.” A 16-acre haven of self-sufficiency, the Doomstead has a rich history dating back over 40 years when it was built by retired Air Force Captain Will Cobb and his family. Determined to thrive in any scenario, Cobb crafted a self-sustaining lifestyle that included a berm-style home embedded four feet into a hill, gardens, an orchard, and a pond stocked with brook trout. His home was well-stocked with canned goods and supplies, designed to endure the most challenging of times.

Today, the Doomstead is under the care of its current owners, Steve DeGoosh and Brooke Isham. In 2014, they acquired the property after the passing of Will Cobb and his wife, Lila. With a vision to expand upon the Doomstead’s legacy, they renamed it “Lomah,” which stands for “Land of Milk and Honey.” This dynamic duo has elevated the property into a thriving hub of food sovereignty and self-sufficiency.

Their efforts have brought dairy sheep, bees, and the production of oils and soaps, all sourced from the farm’s milk and honey. Additional enhancements include a barn, chicken coop, and a year-round greenhouse, where peppers and tomatoes flourish. However, due to family commitments, DeGoosh and Isham are now seeking a like-minded individual to continue the Doomstead’s legacy.

“I would be so delighted to have somebody acquire this property and take on the project and have some skills and be ready to pick up a few more. And I’d be happy to mentor them a bit to get them up and going, and maybe then take off the training wheels and let them go,” DeGoosh said.

Lomah is not your typical property. It’s a place where self-sufficiency and resilience are the guiding principles. Potential homesteaders should embrace the reality of occasional power outages and the need to plow the drive in harsh winter conditions. Yet, the rewards are substantial, with abundant food production and a sense of fulfillment that can only come from a life lived close to the land.

The dwelling itself is a modest 800-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bathroom structure, emphasizing that living here is a lifestyle choice that requires dedication and manual labor. While a small family could comfortably reside on the Doomstead, it is most suited for a couple. Furthermore, there are 4.5 acres of cleared land, offering ample opportunities for expansion and customization.

For those who are ready to embrace self-sufficiency, the Doomstead comes fully equipped, complete with farm equipment and generators. DeGoosh is even willing to stay on for a period to help guide and mentor the new owner, ensuring a smooth transition into the world of homesteading.

In the end, the Doomstead represents more than just a property; it’s a way of life. It’s a place where hard work and dedication to self-sufficiency are rewarded with a strong connection to the land and a deep sense of resilience. If you are an adventurous and enterprising soul, ready to take on the challenges and rewards of homesteading, the Lomah Doomstead could be your dream come true. Embrace the opportunity to make this unique property your own and continue the legacy of self-sufficiency that has thrived here for decades.

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