Police Finally Rescue Little Girl Missing For Years

A remarkable rescue was made in Saugerties, New York, over the last week, uniting a missing six-year-old girl with her family. After two years of searching by police, Paislee Shultis was found safe and unharmed, concealed within a secret room in a suspected home.

Law enforcement had received a tip that the little girl was being held in the residence and acted upon it. Inside, a detective noticed a blanket sticking out of the steps of a staircase, and after further investigation, the officers learned Paislee was hiding inside.

The six-year-old’s older sister was nearby, and after paramedics confirmed she was in good health, Paislee was reunited with her loved ones.

The two individuals accused of kidnapping Paislee, her “non-custodial parent,” Kimberly Cooper, and Kirk Shultis Jr, the girl’s non-custodial father, have since been arrested and now face charges. These charges range from custodial interference to endangering the welfare of a child.

Paislee’s rescue is an excellent example of law enforcement’s commitment to returning missing children to their families. It serves as a reminder of the devastating reality many families around the country face daily.

Every forty seconds, one child goes missing, and for each of those cases, numerous officers dedicate their time and energy to attempt reunions like Paislee’s.

Experts and organizations agree that families should never forget the following tips if they get separated for any reason.

  1. Keep the police informed.
  2. Capture plenty of recent and updated pictures of your children.
  3. Join support groups or post their child’s information on social media to spread the word quickly and efficiently.

Overall, the rescue of Paislee Shultis is a milestone for local police and a heartwarming success story for the Shultis family. Hopefully, her cases can inspire other families searching for their missing children.

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