The Bug Out Bag For Dogs: What You Need

We’re often meticulous about our own emergency preparedness, but how many of us have considered a survival kit for our four-legged family members? If you’ve got a furry friend at home, setting up a dog survival kit is not just a good idea, it’s essential, especially when facing an emergency evacuation. Let’s dive into what this entails and why it’s so important.

First things first, ensure your own emergency evacuation plan is solid. It’s a tough thought, but there could be situations where you might have to leave your pet behind, or they could get separated from you. Having a plan that includes your dog is crucial.

The Pros and Cons of Bugging Out with Your Dog


  1. Companionship: This is vital, especially if you’re alone. Pets, particularly dogs, can significantly reduce stress, even more so for small children.
  2. Warmth: Snuggling with your dog can provide extra warmth.
  3. Security: Well-trained dogs can protect you from threats like wild animals or potential attackers.


  1. Extra Supplies: Carrying your dog’s supplies means extra weight for you.
  2. Compromised Security: A barking dog might reveal your location.
  3. Additional Mouth to Feed: Planning for long-term survival means carrying more food.
  4. Responsibility: Your dog’s well-being is your responsibility, especially in challenging terrains.
  5. Pace: Keeping your dog motivated and moving can be tough.

Conditioning Your Dog for Emergencies

Your dog might seem energetic, but like humans, they need conditioning for endurance and strength in tough situations. Start with longer walks and gradually introduce them to carrying a pack. Overnight camping trips can acclimate them to different sleeping environments. Improving off-leash training is also essential for better control in unpredictable situations.

Creating the Perfect Dog Bug Out Bag

Choosing the right bag depends on your dog’s size and capacity. The Mountainsmith K-9 Dog Pack is a popular choice for its adjustability and comfort. For those preferring camouflage, the OneTigris Dog Pack offers a range of colors.

What to Pack:

  • Food: Consider whether your dog can hunt or if you’ll need to carry extra food.
  • Collapsible Bowls: Space-saving and essential for food and water.
  • Medical Supplies: Include regular medications, bandages, antiseptics, and flea/tick treatments.
  • Important Documents: Copies of registration, vaccination records, and your contact information.
  • Comfort Items: A familiar toy or a leash.

Your dog’s survival kit isn’t just for extreme scenarios; it’s a practical solution for everyday adventures like hiking or camping. It ensures your dog can carry their own necessities, providing peace of mind for both of you. Preparing for emergencies with your dog not only increases your chances of survival but also ensures the well-being of your loyal companion, no matter what situation arises.

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