The Modern Age Gives Us Something New We MUST Be Ready For

In an increasingly digital world, industrial facilities and critical infrastructure are becoming more connected than ever before. While this connectivity brings numerous benefits, it also introduces new vulnerabilities. An industrial cyber attack can have far-reaching consequences, not only for the organizations targeted but also for individuals. In this article, we will explore how such an attack can affect individuals, potential outcomes, and essential steps to be prepared.

**1. Disruption of Essential Services:

  • When an industrial facility faces a cyber attack, it can disrupt essential services like power, water supply, and transportation. As an individual, you may suddenly find yourself without electricity, clean water, or reliable transportation.

Remember the Colonial Pipeline hiccup in 2021? In some areas of the south, gas was hard to come by for a few days, and it really affected the supply chain. 

**2. Economic Impact:

  • Industrial cyber attacks can have a cascading effect on the economy, leading to job losses and reduced economic stability. Individuals may experience financial hardships, such as job insecurity, loss of income, or reduced access to essential goods and services.

**3. Health and Safety Risks:

  • Depending on the nature of the targeted facility, an industrial cyber attack can pose health and safety risks to individuals living in proximity. For example, a chemical plant breach could release hazardous materials, leading to health emergencies and the need for immediate evacuation.

**4. Privacy Concerns:

  • In some cases, cyber attackers may access and compromise personal information, including financial records and sensitive data. This breach of privacy can have lasting consequences for individuals, potentially resulting in identity theft or financial losses.

**5. Long-term Disruption:

  • Industrial cyber attacks can cause prolonged disruptions that may extend for weeks or even months. Individuals must prepare for extended periods of uncertainty and limited access to essential services.

Potential Outcomes To Prepare For:

**1. Power Outages:

  • Individuals should prepare for extended power outages by having alternative sources of energy, such as generators or solar panels, along with ample supplies of batteries and flashlights.

**2. Water Shortages:

  • In the event of a water supply disruption, individuals can store emergency water reserves and invest in water purification methods to ensure access to clean drinking water. I can not say enough about using Life Straws, they are great!

**3. Economic Preparations:

  • Building an emergency fund and diversifying investments can help individuals mitigate the financial impact of a prolonged industrial cyber attack. Having cash on hand can be extremely helpful because online transactions may not be possible.

**4. Health and Safety Measures:

  • Individuals should have a well-stocked first aid kit, essential medications, and a family emergency plan that includes evacuation procedures. If where you are becomes unbearable, bugging out may be the best option.

**5. Privacy Protection:

  • To protect personal information, individuals should regularly monitor financial accounts, use strong and unique passwords, enable multi-factor authentication, and consider identity theft protection services. This is another great way to practice preparedness, and it often gets forgotten.


The impact of an industrial cyber attack extends beyond the affected organizations; it can significantly affect individuals’ daily lives and well-being. Being prepared is crucial to mitigate these effects and ensure the safety and resilience of you and your family.

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