The Only Thing You Need For Food Security

Well may not the only thing but pretty darn close.


No, not like a farm scale, just a couple.

Securing a reliable food source is paramount. Among the myriad of options available to preppers, raising pigs stands out as a particularly effective strategy. We are going to dive into the reasons why pigs are an excellent choice for those preparing for self-sufficiency.

Low Maintenance, High Reward

One of the primary advantages of raising pigs is their ease of care. Pigs require relatively little space and can thrive even on low-quality land. They are quiet and generally easy to handle, making them suitable for various living conditions, including smaller homesteads or bug-out retreats. Their adaptability in different environments is a significant plus for preppers who need to maximize space and resources​. Seriously, get a bunch of wood chips for deep bedding and keep them in a pen. Remember, use deep bedding, it takes the smell away and the pigs will be happy little squealers.

Efficient Meat Production

Pigs are a boon for meat production. They offer a high yield of usable meat, with a 300-pound pig potentially providing at least 150 pounds of meat for your freezer. This efficient meat-to-live-weight ratio ensures a substantial return on investment, making pigs a cost-effective choice for meat production​.

Dietary Flexibility and Additional Products

The dietary habits of pigs add to their appeal. Notoriously unfussy eaters, pigs can forage for most of their food, significantly reducing feeding costs. But if you don’t have an area for them to forage, try to buy it in bulk. They can also convert kitchen scraps into fertilizer (or bacon, Yum!), adding a layer of sustainability to their rearing. Beyond meat, pigs provide valuable by-products like lard, which can be used for cooking, baking, soapmaking, and more, further enhancing their value in a prepper’s setup​​​.

Simpler Butchering Process

Butchering pigs is generally considered easier and less time-consuming than processing larger livestock. This aspect is particularly advantageous for preppers, as it not only saves money but also equips them with a valuable survival skill​​​​.

Psychological and Educational Benefits

Raising pigs is not just about food security; it also offers psychological and educational benefits. It fosters a sense of self-sufficiency and can be a rewarding experience, especially for families. Children learn about responsibility and the cycle of life in a unique, hands-on manner​. Although I’d be careful letting kids around an almost ready-to-harvest pig, at the very least, make sure an adult is with them.


Pigs present a practical, versatile, and efficient option for anyone looking to establish a sustainable food source. Their low maintenance, high meat yield, dietary flexibility, and additional product offerings make them an ideal choice for those seeking to enhance their self-sufficiency and preparedness. At the same time, there are challenges, such as the emotional aspect of butchering and the logistics if you decide to have someone do the processing.

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