The Ultimate Bug Out Drill That All Will Enjoy

Practicing survival skills is a common topic among preppers. However, getting your partner and kids (if you have them) excited about a ‘bug out’ drill might seem challenging. But, my wife and I recently discovered a fun and memorable way to do just that.

Have you heard of overlanding? It’s an adventurous blend of off-roading and camping. You journey in an overland vehicle (or a ‘rig’, as enthusiasts call it) and camp at various points along the way. It’s essentially a road trip where you’re equipped with your bug gear, traveling by vehicle.

Overlanding requires a degree of self-reliance, as you’ll often find yourself in remote locations. But don’t worry if you don’t own a Jeep or a specialized overland rig – you can always rent one!

I did a quick Google search for Overland rentals, and I’ll leave them under the YouTube video. 

Many of these overland rigs come with setups that strike a perfect balance between a rugged experience and comfort, ensuring everyone enjoys the “drill.” It’s an excellent opportunity to test your family’s adaptability and create lasting memories.

Of course, part of the preparation involves researching trail conditions and planning your route. This process itself is a valuable part of the rehearsal. It allows you to camp in slight comfort, utilize your gear effectively, and involve everyone in an enjoyable outdoor adventure. Adding hiking spots to your route further enriches the experience, letting you fine-tune your planning skills…or rather, have a fantastic vacation everyone will love.

I’ve been following a YouTube channel that focuses on Overlanding, and I think you might find it inspiring (the video is at the bottom).

Remember, in a worst-case scenario, you don’t want your first experience with all your gear to be under pressure. What better way to prepare than to grab your bug-out bag (adding a few extras for comfort), hit the off-road trails, and create unforgettable experiences?

Who knows, you might even bump into me out there!

Possible Overland vehicle rentals (these are in the USA):


Barlow Jeep Rentals 

Titus Adventure Company 


There are more, but this could help you get started!

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