Tips On Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning is Silent and Deadly – Here’s How to Protect Yourself

carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is no laughing matter. This silent killer has claimed the lives of hundreds of people each year, and it can be impossible to detect. Here’s what you need to know to help protect yourself and your loved ones from this colorless, odorless gas.

What Causes Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Any fuel-burning appliance that is not vented outside can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. This includes gas stoves, heaters, furnaces, grills, and cars in closed garages. If these appliances are not used or maintained correctly, they can generate harmful levels of carbon monoxide.

Who is at Risk?

Anyone can be affected by carbon monoxide poisoning, but some people are at higher risk than others. This includes pregnant women, the elderly, infants, and people with health issues. People who live in poorly ventilated homes, use gas appliances often, or spend a lot of time in the house, such as students, are also more likely to come into contact with carbon monoxide.

How to Protect Yourself

Installing a carbon monoxide detector in the home and RV is the best way to protect yourself from carbon monoxide. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to set up. You should also take the following steps to help protect yourself from CO poisoning:

•Never use a gas grill or camping stove indoors.
•Never use a portable generator indoors.
•Check if your fireplace and woodstove are properly vented.
•Never run a car, or any gasoline-powered engine, inside an enclosed area.
•Place multiple carbon monoxide detectors in the home.

What Are the Signs of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

The symptoms of CO poisoning include dull headaches, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, blurry vision, confusion, and loss of consciousness. People who are intoxicated or sleeping can miss recognizing the symptoms. If you think you may have carbon monoxide poisoning, get help as quickly as possible.

Take Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Seriously

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal, so take it seriously. Install carbon monoxide detectors immediately if you have any fuel-burning appliances in the home or RV. Be sure to check them regularly to ensure they are working correctly.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent but deadly gas, but with the proper precautions, you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

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