What Does He Know? What Mark Zuckerburg Is Building Is Pretty Telling

The people over at Wired believe they have made a pretty shocking discovery.

An in-depth investigation has found that the Meta founder is building a mammoth compound in Hawaii with an underground bunker.

The report, which cites building plans viewed by the publication and “a source familiar with the development,” notes that Zuckerberg’s compound is comprised of about 12 buildings, including numerous guest houses and structures associated with agriculture and ranching. Combined, they’ll house “at least 30 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms” the outlet states.

The main residential structures are two mansions, which will reportedly house a “gym, pools, sauna, hot tub, cold plunge, and tennis court” among other luxurious amenities.

But what has caught everybody’s eye is what’s below ground.

Plans uncovered by Wired show that the two main residences on the property will be connected by a tunnel that turns into a 5,000-square-foot underground shelter.

According to sources, the underground shelter will be equipped with an 18-foot tall water tank and off-grid pump system. Zuckerburg has already started a homestead food production style farm above ground.

“Mark and Priscilla value the time their family spends at Ko’olau Ranch and in the local community and are committed to preserving the ranch’s natural beauty. When they acquired the property, they rescinded an existing agreement that would have allowed for portions of the property to be divided into 80 luxury homes. Under their care, less than one percent of the overall land is developed with the vast majority dedicated to farming, ranching, conservation, open spaces and wildlife preservation. This includes a large cattle ranching program, organic ginger and turmeric farms, a nursery dedicated to native plant restoration, and partnering with Kauai’s foremost wildlife conservation experts to protect native birds and other endangered or threatened wildlife populations,” a spokesperson for the couple told People magazine.

The now 1,400-acre property was acquired by Zuckerberg over the years and is surrounded by a 6-foot stone wall.

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