Building a Raised, Tool-Less Bushcraft Survival Bed.

Do you need a raised bushcraft bed for your next camping trip or survival situation but dont have any tools?

Here, we will provide stepbystep instructions for building a raised bushcraft bed with absolutely no supplies. You will learn how to hang the main ridgepole of your shelter, find suitable materials for the bed frame, fill the bed rails with debris, lay branches sideways for theslats, test your bed, add more debris, and finish your shelter.

1. Hang Your Shelter Ridgepole

shelter ridgepole

The first step in building a raised, tool-less bushcraft survival bed is to hang your shelter’s ridgepole (main support beam). This will act as a reference point for sizing the bed in relation to the shelter.

2. Find Two Long Branches

For the bed frame, finding two branches that are shoulder-width apart on the ground is important. If the ground isn’t completely flat, use a thicker branch on the lower side to even out the height. If you cannot find long enough branches, you can arrange several shorter branches along one another.

3. Fill the Rails with Debris


Using a “broom” made of twiggy sticks, sweep leaves and other debris between the bed rails. This will give you an extra insulation layer below your body to prevent radiative heat loss.

4. Lay Branches Sideways Across the Rails

These branches should be thick enough to hold your body weight. It is important to check that none of the branches are poking you and that the bed is comfortable before laying on it.

5. Test Your Bed

After laying the slats, test your bed to ensure it is sturdy and comfortable. If your bed breaks, add more branches across the rails.

6. Add More Debris On Top

It is important to sweep up more debris and put it on top of the bed for comfort and extra insulation. You can also pile leaves on top of yourself to make a natural “sleeping bag” or blanket.

7. Finish Your Shelter

Now that the bed is ready, you can finish building the shelter. If you have a rope or tarp, many more shelter options exist.

The Bottom Line

Making a raised bushcraft bed without any tools may seem daunting. However, building a sturdy bed for both camping and survival is possible.

Following the above steps, you will have a raised bushcraft bed that will protect you from the elements and trap heat inside to keep you warm.

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