How To Find Out If Someone Has Opened Your Door

A Low-Tech Method for Home Security

Home invasion is a genuine concern for many people, but not everyone can afford expensive security systems. Thankfully, low-tech options are available to detect if someone has entered your room or home. In this blog post, we will explore some creative methods to help you keep tabs on unauthorized access.

Sneaky Little Hair

  • A straightforward method involves using a hair or any small, hard-to-notice item.
  • Create a mark on the doorframe with a pencil and place the hair on it.
  • The hair will fall when the door is opened, indicating someone has entered.
  • Consider using other inconspicuous objects, such as string or a penny, and mark them for easy detection.

Tape it Shut

  • Another option is to apply a small piece of clear tape on the inside of the door, covering the frame and the door itself.
  • The tape will tear loose when the door is opened, indicating unauthorized access.
  • Clear tape is preferred as it is less likely to be noticed compared to duct tape.

Give it a Boot

  • This method involves placing a spare pair of shoes near the door.
  • Place one shoe behind the door a few feet away and set the second shoe behind it when it is almost closed.
  • When someone opens the door, it will push the second shoe back, creating the illusion of a naturally placed pair of shoes.
  • If you notice the absence of the shoe as you push the door open, it indicates that someone has entered your home.

Document and Capture Evidence

  • Before leaving your home, take pictures of each room to serve as a reference point.
  • These photos can be used to check if anything has been moved or stolen during your absence.
  • If you discover any missing items, having photographic evidence can help with police reports and insurance claims.


While high-tech security systems may be out of reach for some, these low-tech methods can provide a cost-effective way to detect unauthorized access to your home or room. By utilizing creative tactics, such as using hair or tape and creating the appearance of natural shoe placement, you can enhance your security without breaking the bank.

Additionally, documenting your surroundings through photos can aid in identifying missing items and recovering losses. Stay vigilant and take proactive measures to protect your home and loved ones from potential intruders.

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