City Hit With Almost ‘Biblical’ Plague

In the charming city of Choloma, Honduras, residents recently found themselves starring in a real-life adaptation of the biblical plagues. Yes, you heard it right – a deluge of toads, frogs, and tadpoles decided to crash the party, turning the streets into a squishy, amphibian-themed obstacle course. Picture this: it’s a regular day, and suddenly, you’re playing a real-world game of Frogger, except you’re the car.

The saga began on December 3, following a heavy rainstorm. The storm was so intense that it caused the drains to overflow, creating the perfect breeding ground for our amphibious friends. For three days, the city buzzed with the croaks and ribbits of these unexpected guests, making every step outside an adventure in dodging jumpy little creatures.

Now, imagine driving through this slippery mess. One driver skidded on a patch of ‘toad slime,’ leading to a multi-car pile-up. A pick-up truck, a tanker, two cars, and a motorbike were involved. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the traffic jam that followed.


Story from Jam Press (Plague Of Frogs) Pictured: The frogs and toads which are causing problems in Honduras. ???Biblical??? plague of frogs, toads and tadpoles causes multi-car pile-up. A ???scary??? 'biblical' plague of frogs, toads and tadpoles has reportedly wreaked havoc on a village and caused a multi-car pile-up. Heavy rains that fell on the area caused drains to overflow and puddles of stagnant water to form. The outbreak began on 3 December when the amphibians emerged from the pools and took over the area. They caused issues for at least three days, say locals, who filmed them swarming in streets, houses and gardens in extreme numbers. One local man who caught the apocalyptic scenes on camera said: ???This scares me. ???It looks more like the plagues of Egypt.??? The slime left behind by the amphibians reportedly caused people to hurt themselves as they slipped and fell. And an accident happened when the slime on an amphibian-infested main road caused a pick-up truck to skid uncontrollably. It caused a pile-up involving at least five vehicles including two lorries, a tanker and a motorbike that was burnt to a crisp. Several people were injured and had to be taken from the scene in Choloma, Honduras, to a hospital in San Pedro Sula on 4 December. Fortunately, there were no fatalities but the road was completely blocked, causing long tailbacks and even prompting an investigation by traffic officials. The second plague of Egypt, as described in the Book of Exodus, was a plague of frogs. According to the account, Moses, at the command of God, brought forth a multitude of frogs from the Nile that covered the land of Egypt for three days. The plague was a consequence of Pharaoh???s refusal to let the Israelites go and worship their God. The purpose of the plagues was to demonstrate the power of the God of Israel and to persuade Pharaoh to release the Israelites from slavery. ENDS EDITOR???S NOTES Quotations have been translated to English. Usa

In an interesting twist, one local compared the situation to “the plagues of Egypt,” referencing the biblical account where Moses summons a horde of frogs to cover Egypt.

Meanwhile, in Yucatán, Mexico, another “biblical” event unfolded earlier this month. Locusts – yes, locusts – decided to take a scenic tour, forming mile-long clouds. These critters were so into sightseeing that they flew through shopping areas, bonked against apartment windows, and turned local parks into their personal all-you-can-eat buffets.

These events remind us to always be prepared for the unexpected. Whether it’s a froggy free-for-all or a locust luau, life can throw some curveballs. So, next time you leave the house, maybe pack an umbrella, some sturdy boots, and, just in case, a frog net. You know, just your average day in the world of impromptu animal takeovers.

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