He Wandered Into The Woods, Disappeared, Found 300 Miles Later

In the bustling student community of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), the disappearance of 22-year-old Matthew Grant just before Thanksgiving sent shockwaves through the campus and beyond. This unnerving incident, which captured the attention of Fox News Digital and other media outlets, has transformed into a heartwarming story of hope, community effort, and the power of technology.

Matthew, a dedicated RIT student from Michigan, was last seen driving away from his off-campus residence in Henrietta, New York, on November 20. His sudden disappearance, without a trace of his phone or wallet, plunged his family and friends into a deep state of worry and uncertainty. But this story takes a hopeful turn, showcasing the strength of communal support and the wonders of modern technology in reuniting lost loved ones.

In a statement filled with immense gratitude, Matthew expressed his heartfelt thanks to all those involved in the search. “I feel incredibly grateful to have people like you all in my corner,” he said. His words resonate with sincerity and relief, as he acknowledges the overwhelming support he received during this tumultuous time. Matthew’s safe return is a testament to the fact that even in our darkest hours, the support and kindness of others can shine through.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, instrumental in this happy conclusion, confirmed Matthew’s safe return. Their statement emphasized the collaborative efforts of deputies, investigators, and various agencies, alongside the crucial role of the media in spreading awareness. This multi-faceted approach, blending human endeavor with technological prowess, underscores the effectiveness of community and law enforcement working in harmony.

Adding to this intricate search operation, the New York State Park Police were actively involved, especially around the scenic Adirondack Mountains. The search reached a pivotal moment in Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania, where authorities found Matthew’s vehicle. The subsequent grid search led to an unexpected turn when Matthew, learning of the search efforts, walked into a police station in Palmerton – nearly 300 miles from Rochester – to reunite with his family.

The National Park Service, with its dedicated rangers and staff, played a vital role in facilitating this reunion. Kathleen Sandt, a spokesperson for the National Park Service, highlighted their involvement in this intricate search and rescue operation.

The RIT community, led by Sandra Johnson, RIT’s senior vice president of student affairs, remained steadfast in their support. Johnson’s message of gratitude to the RIT community reflects the unyielding spirit and concern that enveloped the campus during this period.


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