Crazy Video Proves Why Having Some Sort Of A Bunker Can Be A Good Idea

As society relies more on technology, it can lead to disastrous consequences.

It may seem odd to have a bunker or storm shelter until you wish you had one.

Recenlty, Clarksville, Tennesee was hammered by an EF-3 tornado and some of the video captured was shocking.

It’s crucial to highlight the importance of preparedness in the face of natural disasters. This blog post will focus on how we can learn from the terrifying experiences of those caught in the tornado that struck Clarksville, Tennessee, and use this knowledge to better prepare ourselves.

The intense tornado that swept through Clarksville on a fateful Saturday was a stark reminder of nature’s power. Captured dashcam footage from a local driver illustrates the suddenness and severity of such events. The driver, navigating a Clarksville road, was abruptly caught in the chaos as power fluctuations heralded the tornado’s approach. In mere seconds, debris swirled around, and the massive twister overtook the vehicle, spinning it and others in a frightening display of force. Nearby, power poles teetered precariously, barely standing against the tempest’s might.

Surveyors later classified this tornado as an EF-3, with maximum winds reaching 150 mph, cutting a path approximately 43 miles long. The devastation in Clarksville was profound, with numerous neighborhoods suffering extensive damage. Tragically, two adults and a child lost their lives when four brick homes were obliterated. The National Weather Service reported that nearly 1,000 homes were affected, with 114 completely destroyed and 268 sustaining major damage.

This event serves as a critical lesson in the value of preparedness. Having a place to take shelter, with clean drinking water and food is paramount.

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