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Bartering Could be a Key to Survival in a Post-Collapse World

An economic collapse could leave people in a world where cash is worthless and bartering rules supreme. Bartering, or trading goods and services, is an ancient form of commerce used since the dawn of recorded history.

When SHTF, stuff hits the fan, bartering could offer a path to withstanding the worst financial decline. Here are some items that could represent valuable trading stock when the modern world collapses.

Prepper University has compiled a list of ten items worth their weight in gold to prepare for the fall of standard monetary systems and the return of bartering systems. Check out their video below.

Gold and Silver

Gold and silver are must-have items when bartering, as precious metals tend to retain their value when other forms of currency are unavailable. That being said, stones such as diamonds likely won’t see as much value as it is easier to fake them.

Vice Currencies

When the world goes dark, people’s vice currency of choice will likely rise in value. Think tobacco, alcohol, even drugs. In a SHTF scenario, having some of these goods on hand could represent a valuable currency.


If anything will see a spike in demand following an economic collapse, it is medication. An estimated 70% of Americans alone rely on prescription medication. During a time of crisis, having a stockpile of medicine could be like having a pocketful of gold.


Having a stockpile of ammunition for firearms could mean the difference between life and death after the world enters a state of chaos. Reloading shells and other ammunition won’t be an easy task. However, making rounds highly sought-after after an economic collapse.

Plant Seeds

Grocery and big-box stores will only have so much food in stock following an economic collapse. Eventually, it will come down to growing gardens if society has any hope of sustaining itself. Having a stockpile of seeds and teaching others how to use them could make you invaluable.

Coffee, Tea, and Enhanced Water

Boiling plain water becomes an incredibly arduous task after a collapse. Therefore, a simple thing such as coffee, tea, or even Tang (yes, Tang still exists) could become highly sought-after.


No matter the size or type, batteries will be tough to come by if the power grid is down following an economic collapse. A stockpile of various kinds of batteries will make you king of the barter world.

Spices and Seasonings

Spices were once some of the most valuable commodities across the world. When SHTF, they will become invaluable again as people are forced to eat bland food without them. Having a stockpile of spices and seasonings can make you a bartering goddess.


Without a functional vehicle, how are people going to get around? Fuel will be one of the most valuable items to barter with as an economic collapse robs people of their vehicles. A backup supply of gasoline, kerosene, butane, or propane will make you highly reputable among traders.

These are just some of the items that could be valuable trading stock during an economic collapse. Other goods, such as food and water, can be bartered, but those will require some extra security measures as they are the type of commodity theft target. Overall, bartering could be a key asset for anyone looking to survive the collapse of the world.

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