How to Create and Set Up a Spring Pole Trap

Passive Hunting Traps: How to Trap Game Without Wasting Time

spring pole trap

In any survival scenario, acquiring food is essential to success, and foraging isn’t always an option. Hunting game is often suggested as the best and most reliable solution, but it’s not always quick and easy. To save time and effort, learning to build and set primitive traps can be a valuable skill to possess.

But before attempting to make a trap, it’s important to check local and state laws. Trapping is illegal in many areas, and traps are known to catch a wide variety of animals, including cats, dogs, and people. The information provided here is for educational purposes only.

How to Make a Spring Pole Trap

In the following video by Primitive Lifeways, you will see how to create a spring pole trap for survival.

Finding a Spring

Building a spring pole trap doesn’t require elaborate or expensive tools. It just needs a sapling tree or bent branch. This will provide the “spring” effect when the trap is set off. The sapling should have a good bit of bend without being too thick.

It has to be thick enough to lift the target animal off the ground once the trap is sprung. Branches should be stripped from the sapling to ensure it springs promptly when the trap is set off.

Creating the Trigger

The next component of the trap is the trigger, made from a stick. This should be driven into the ground at an angle and roughed up at the end opposite the tip. A notch should be carved in the shape of a seven and in a trigger stick that will be attached to the cord and the sapling. This creates an L7 trigger.

Setting Up the Trap

Once the trigger is in place, tie the line (a fishing line, twine, or paracord) to the spring. The line should also connect the trigger stick to the noose.

When the animal walks into the snare, it will be momentarily trapped but try to jerk away, which will both tighten the loop and set off the trigger, pulling the animal into the air. This makes it more difficult for a predator to steal the kill.

Final Thoughts

Using primitive traps like the spring pole is an effective and efficient way of passively hunting game. It’s always important to check local laws before trying it, however.

Traps can be dangerous and should only be attempted by experienced outdoorsmen. With practice and dedication, however, it can be a valuable skill to have in the wild.

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