Unleash Your Inner Houdini: How to Escape Zip Ties

When it comes to tying someone up, zip ties are a tool some criminals use as they are cheap and rugged to break out of. Unfortunately, this means victims can find themselves in compromising and terrifying situations with no means of escape.

But there is a solution. A little know-how and effort can get you out of a zip tie restraint, especially if done correctly.

Check out this video from our friends at Black Scout Survival, showing us what to do if we were in a situation where zip ties bind us.

The key to successfully breaking a zip tie restraint is to ensure it’s firmly tied. This creates tension on the plastic, making it easier to snap when pressure is applied. Grab the loose end with your teeth and pull until all the slack is gone from the loop.

Then, raise your hands above the head and quickly pull them down into your midsection. The force generated from this will snap the bonds apart.

In addition, there are special tools available to cut zip tie restraints. This includes tools such as a specialized zip tie cutter, nail clippers, or a thin piece of metal that can separate the plastic.

It’s also essential to stay as calm as possible while in restraints, as this can be a stressful and frightening experience. Always try to get help from someone nearby or call out for assistance.

Though no one expects to find themselves in this situation, knowing how to escape is an invaluable lesson. Breaking free from zip tie restraints could very well be a lifesaver. Educating ourselves and preparing for the unexpected can increase our chances of survival in dangerous situations.

Another common scenario would be bound by duct tape. For information on how to escape duct tape bindings, see this article.

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