How To Use Plastic Bags For Survival

Plastic bags have long been a go-to item for many households for shopping trips and other errands. However, the problem is these bags end up in landfills with very little chance of being reused. To reduce their environmental impact, people are looking for new and innovative ways to put them to use.

plastic bag rope

One such way is to take multiple plastic bags and weave them together to make rope. This rope can be used for various purposes, such as hanging items or securing things in place. It’s also strong enough to be used for outdoor activities such as camping or rock climbing.

Check out the video below to learn how plastic bags can be used to make a rope. This helpful tip can help when you are in a bind.

Not only are plastic bags being used to make rope, they’re being used to build shelters, insulate surfaces, and even create bedding. They can also be used for makeshift greenhouses to protect your plants while allowing them plenty of natural sunlight.

Another way to use plastic bags is to mark your trails when you’re out hiking. Tie a few bags to tree trunks along the way. This way, you’ll always know your route to get where you’re going.

Finally, you can also use plastic bags to start a fire. Simply fill a plastic bag with water and hold it like a magnifying glass over some kindling. The sun will then do the rest of the work and you’ll have a roaring fire in no time.

As we can see, plastic bags have tremendous potential for alternative uses. So before you throw them away, consider the fact that they could be put to good use. This will reduce the amount of waste going into landfills and make your life a little easier.

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